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Most potential clients that call us here at LAUNCH, know that ranking well on search engines like Google is important. The understand the concept of having higher online visibility and the idea of getting more leads from their website. However, most of them don’t necessarily know how to get their companies listed well on these search engines. Often, a lower price point seems more appealing than understanding the fundamental concepts that drive traffic and generate revenue. There are many players in the digital marketing industry here in Edmonton, however, only a select few fully understand the cornerstones of online success through search engine optimization (SEO).

In some circles, SEO’s have gotten a bar rep for poor link building practices, spam and keyword stuffing. The truth is, however, SEO (correctly executed SEO) is still critical to a companies online success. There are several things that an experienced SEO can do for your business that nobody else can:

1)   Develop a Strategy to Increase Online Visibility.
Search engine optimization professionals have the ability to develop a complete online marketing strategy for a company. Through marketing software, SEO’s can identify market trends, strategies of competitors and potential opportunities through select search terms.

2)   Keyword research, Measurement & Improvement:
Which terms get more search traffic and which ones are most relevant to an organization? Is regional targeting an effective strategy for an organization? SEO’s can answer this and other questions in the search world.

3)   Funnels and Calls to Action
An experienced SEO can gather and interpret data to determine whether the content on your landing pages is properly converting your traffic. Whether the desired result is buying a product, registering for a subscription or getting a simple contact, an SEO has the tools to improve performance.

4)   Diagnosing Drops in Traffic
Sadly, many companies only seek out help from an SEO when their website experiences a drop in traffic or is blacklisted by Google. A professional SEO can diagnose and identify problems casing traffic loss or penalization.

5)   Reputation Management
Online reputation management can be one of the most challenging and time consuming services offered by an SEO. SEO’s can identify issues and develop strategies to improve client perception of an organization.

6)   Website Audits to Improve Search Traffic
There are many internal factors that influence how well a website ranks and the amount of traffic it receives. A professional SEO can diagnose and fix problem areas with content, structure, loading speed and much more. An SEO can help make a website more accessible for search robots and humans.

7)   Build Links, Social Signals and Traffic
A professional SEO can help an organization find opportunities to inbound links, social signals and other strategies to help get your content in front of more people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways an SEO can help your company gain online exposure. The important thing to take out of this article is that if you are planning to use your website to advertise your business, hiring an agency that knows SEO is essential. Having a sound SEO strategy gives you every opportunity to quickly recuperate the cost of your new website.

Ideas & inspiration credit to Rand Fishkin

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