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Although Riverwatch is an essential and educational part of the Alberta school curriculum for many students, it also provides an element of fun. The program is offered to students in ten different locations in Alberta. Riverwatch makes river science exciting by taking kids on an unforgettable rafting adventure with their peers, while affording them the opportunity to learn about our ecosystems.

Making Content More Engaging

We implemented a new function in the Riverwatch website that allowed us to expand secondary-page content into a full window format. Secondary pages such as the “for students,” page display a grid of colorful boxes with titles. When users click on these boxes, the content zooms out of the box and fills the entire browser window. A close button allows visitors to close that topic and go back to the main “for students,” section. This format is interactive, fun and engaging.

Interactive River Maps

River rafting is a central focus of the Riverwatch program. That’s why we developed an interactive maps section that allows students to explore their river system and see what they’ll be doing during the trip. When visitors click on the numbers on the left hand side of the screen, the interactive map zooms in and displays activities that will take place at that point in the journey.

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