Our Experience with Government & Organizations

Our team has years of experience building websites for government departments and non-profit organizations. Some of our well known clients include The Boys & Girls, Big Brothers Big Sisters or Edmonton, Riverwatch Alberta, The Alberta Weightlifting Association and Skills Society of Alberta. As a company, our strength is in organizing a website’s structure in a way that will be easy to follow on any device. This level of organization has helped our clients accomplish key objectives and carry out critical functions. Our starting point in determining the ideal website architecture is our client analysis. The client analysis is a form that we complete with every new government department or organization that we work with. Our experience in this industry allows us to draw from past successes in order to make recommendations for implementing some of the same strategies.

One of the most unique websites we built was for Riverwatch Alberta. Riverwatch is an Alberta based school program focused on Science Learning and Adventure. The program takes groups of school kids down the North Saskatchewan River where they take river samples and learn about the river. The existing Riverwatch website was out of date and difficult to navigate. Launch was given the privilege of rebuilding the website to make it more user-friendly, provide updated river route information and allow Riverwatch administrators easy access to make changes.

There are many great features packed into the new Riverwatch website, however, one of our favorites is the interactive route map that allows kids and parents to click on plotted points on the map and zoom in to find out what they will be doing throughout different stages of the trip. Another innovative feature we developed was an alerts system. When cancellations or whether emergencies happen, Riverwatch can activate a setting in their control panel and display an alert when users enter the website.

Our team is passionate about creating a positive and efficient user experience for each of our websites. To learn more about what we can do for you, talk to us today.


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